Online Display

Company Summary

Pickles Auctions, is an Australian company specialising in auctions and valuations. It is best known for being the largest auto and equipment auctioneer and valuation experts in the country with over 150 auctions conducted every month.


Pickles holds the contract to resell all Victorian Government vehicles. A 12 month ongoing marketing campaign was executed to promote the weekly government vehicle auctions that these vehicles are sold in. The campaign was broken down into 5 phases that ran throughout the year focusing around the following themes:

  • Look No Further - Phase one was to create awareness that there is better way to save money when buying a vehicle (which is at auction).
  • Amazing Savings - Phase two focused on how much you can save by buying at auction.
  • Easy As... - Phase 3 was to promote how easy it is to bid at an auction.
  • Put Us To The Test - Phase 4 was all about the challenge. Test us out and find out for yourself how cost effective and easy it really is to buy at auction

The creative showcased on this page was part of the online advertising component of the marketing campaign. The material was displayed permanently on throughout the entire campaign.